Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Hypothesis...

Ok, so this is the start of week two. I finally got my blue bcbg's specks so I was able to rock some blue today. Which, let me say a liiiiiitle bit on that. Ok, so I put in my order for these jonts like 3 WEEKS ago, and at this point, I'm a lil' PO'd and I want my stuff. So I randomly decide to drop in tomorrow and see what's what. So I tell them my name, one girl comes back wit' my glasses. I'm like? Huh? How long have they been in. Bunch prom queen lookin' chicks, lookin' at each other. At least my students have the sense to come up with an excuse or grunt or say something, they just silently looking at each like I'M the dumb one. And I didn't even get no cloth with my glasses!!!

Anyways, back to what I wore; Nuttin' too deep---fuscha RL 3/4 sleeve shirt, blue dickies, blue Calvin Klein hills. Ya know, just tryna keep it nice for 'em. Funny thing, I was walkin' down the hall this morning and my crush was like "Brown" ( we refer to each other by last name) I'm like "how you know it was me?" Cuz he hadn't even turned around. He laughed, but didn't really give a definite answer. So that made my day start out a lil' bit nicer. We actually shared quite a few words today...and he came into my classroom twice. Once to.....uuh, I don't know why he came in (hmm, that's good too :) but later on it was to let me know of a team meeting we were having. So, in THAT department, my day was EXCELLENT. He looked nice today too, I'm tellin' you boi....we do not PLAY.

Ok, on to actual schooling. The main focus of today was complete sentences. Actually no, our REAL focus what on conclusion paragraphs, but we couldn't get those because they couldn't give me complete sentences. It got so bad, I just said "LOOK! YOU'RE SENTENCE SHOULD START WITH "MY HYPOTHESIS" OR "THE HYPOTHESIS" IF IT DOES NOT, CHANGE IT" And also, I don't know what it is about my directions, but every time I tell 'em to do something, they give me a bunch of questions. Of course, this doesn't apply to my GT class. At first, I always thought there was no real difference in my GT class and my regular classes, but now I know--there is a BIG difference. No lie, I'll write the SAME directions on the board---GT, no hands raised. People get to work. Other periods, "does these questions go wit' this chart?" "I don't get number 3" "I don't get number 2" "Where is my composition notebook?" Just on and on and on and on and ON. I'm like "Put you hand down, and answer the questions. This was the set up: I wrote a hypothesis for them to use, and I had a data table complete with numbers, this table had "Results" next to it. I gave clear instructions, "based on the following results, write a conclusion paragraph" matter of fact, that's what I did for GT. For the regular classes, I gave them questions to answer. I GAVE THEM TO THE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. You shoulda seen it....just hands flyin' up, ain't even TRIED to comprehend what I'm askin' them to do. With this group, I didn't even write it....I told each group, INDIVIDUALLY, before they even walked into the class what their assignment was. Literally, like in their face, "answer the questions on the board" Then, when they ask these silly, SIMPLE, RIDICULOUS a** questions, they look at me all funny when I just stand there and look at them with a dumbfounded look on my face. I don't say it, but I'm thinking "you can't POSSIBLY be this stupid" Or maybe it's just stone cold LAZINESS. Or maybe they can't read....I don't know. But they gon' have to start following these instructions. And I'm sorry, but really--that's what it is. I said it before, and I'll say it again---KIDS IS SOFT. Too many people was lettin' 'em get by wit' just straight BULL. "Why do you think your hypothesis was right or wrong" You'd think I was askin' 'em for the square root of the circumference of the earth. "Discuss something we didn't talk about it in our activity" And I know I wasn't too over their heads, BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE GOT IT, it's like everybody was lost, that's a sign that usually you really just too far gone, but again, some people got it. Again, lost faces. And I don't know if its because nobody required then to actually THINK or if they are tryna play me. Regardless of what it is, I'm not finna dumb it down. They need to get it now, sooner than later. I ain't the one, and I let 'em know on the regular "uh uh, that's too easy--you are in the 6th grade" This is isn't about just passing a test, this is about preparing them to successful in life. I read some of what these kids want to be when they grow up, and I'm thinking "ok, I got my work cut out for me" How you want to be a lawyer and you can't write a complete sentence? Can't spell legibly? Uh uh, boo--that ain't gon' cut it.

Ok, in terms of behavior....same ol', same ol'. A lil' bit better, but I know there is more room for improvement. And one lil' girl, I think she must like the boy or something cuz she always grinnin' and hit on him and this and that. Those two were just back and forth today, back and forth. Basically, these kids don't need to have one IOTA of free time, I mean like not one milisecond, I just need to have work in front of them CONSTANTLY. It's like that saying goes "give a ___ an inch, and they take a mile" only this group takes like 10 miles and I only have 'em half an inch. lol I love 'em though, just as funny as they wanna be. They get my nerves, mind you, but I just maintain....maintain, maintain, maintain. The most important thing is that I am able to teach something, and not just yell the entire time. But like I said, there is always room for improvement. I stopped by my mentor's room today, and she said that overall I am doing well. My assisstant principal always wrote me a praise note for my lesson about the scientific method. My Principal came in today and walked around, and I think she thought it was cool too. I had my objectives on the board (big deal down here) and I was in the proper dress code. The students were taking notes, and I hope the ones she looked at had something on their papers lol.

Tomorrow we do some testing, so I'll get a break. I'm doing seat changes in most of classes too, so I'll let you know how that works out. Also, not related to the classroom, but I got a lil' change august paycheck and it's official ya'll---I'M ON THE COME UP PART OF MY LIFE. Chaka says life is a dance......so right now, I'm bankhead bouncin' and doin' the electric slide. BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE.

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Bsquared86 said...

man, i need some new glasses too! thanks for the reminder. also, lovin the outfit! you better be a grown up! lol. as for the kids, you already know. i used to think their wasn't a difference between GT/honors kids and traditional students until I was a student worker in a non-honors class . . . wow, is all i can say. Be glad these kids are just 6th graders, because I had 9th graders askin me those same questions and it hurt me. But, teachers like you will hopefully push them to want to do better.

as for mr. crush . . . take some pics and send me a copy lol. i need visual aids, man! you're a teacher, you should know this!

meanwhile . . . if you don't spell check this dang post, lol. if i was a teacher this thing would have red ink all over it. tsk tsk, lol.

lol @ boogie oogie oogie.