Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So I Suggest Ya'll Stay Healthy.....


One of my students actually wrote that in an assignment that she turned in to me. I miss that age, where you didn't think writing how you talk was a problem. Meanwhile, the chick who wrote this STAYS in a fog. I call on her, and she say "I don't know"....I swear, I'm sick of I don't know. You think they'd know by now, that doesn't faze me--you don't know? Well, we gon' figure it out but I am not going to call on anybody else. I'm that teacher that calls on the people who DON'T raise their hand, not the ones that do. Why call on someone who I know KNOWS it? I need to get those kids that don't get it, and work on them.

Anyways, I've been kinda ghost--grades is due so I was hittin' it hard these past couple of nights, and I was just tired. Can you believe its the 3rd week already? Also, as I'm putting in grades its already some people who got like 50 and 60 percents. I don't even grade hard....hail, we ain't really DONE nothing. Most of the grades are based on effort, and I've only assigned two real homework assignments. Can we discuss why some papers I can't even enter a grade in because they don't write their name on their work? I'm like...HELLO, how old are ya'll? I think its just me....I know they don't do this for the other teachers, I REFUSE to believe that they do. What else...oh, how you lose assignments that you not even supposed to take home? I mean, for classwork, I should at least how the work---now whether or not you completed it, that's a different story. But how for classwork I have missing assignments? What part of the game is that? smh This week, we did another lab "experiment"/ activity. It involved water, never again. Took 'em the lab, one girl broke something....mind you, we weren't even using beakers. She is a walking, talking, accident! Can't carry a bucket of water wit'out getting half of it on the desk or the floor. Sometimes, I just wanna be like "you can't POSSIBLY be this dumb....get it together man" We had to call two parents today, matter of fact, we've had a LOT of parent drama this week. One mama ain't had a clue about what her son is doing in school. It's the third week and she's like "his backpack is always empty....planner? I've never seen that" I was sittin' there just shaking my head---my fellow teachers was like "hmmm, somebody LYIN' " She said she checks his backpack everyday, but what is he doing with the work? Is he throwing it in the trash on his way home, is he putting it in the bushes? Is he even that smart to understand to do that? Anyways, we had a nice long convo and real talk, I felt bad for her. I know she prolly felt dumb as hail cuz she was just TOTALLY outta the loop. She was trying though, which I give her that. Today, there was no REAL change in her son's least not in my class; he still ain't doing nothing. What happened to the good ol' days when kids was actually scared of their parents? I mean, I got a couple that get shook offa phone call, but I think a majority don't care a hill of beans. One dude hung UP on his mama. You write in their planner....nothing changes the next day, which i think is bull, I think these kids just scribble an initial, in which, hey, I could see myself doing that as a child. Anyways, this one kid---we having a conference with his mama next week (the kid who hung up on his mama) The bad thing about it, he ain't even THAT bad! He just be doing stupid stuff; he not getting into fights, he's not cussing and throwing furniture, he's not being totally disrespectful (at least not to his teachers, he was disrespectful to a woman who was not one of his teachers), he just won't work and you have to tell him two and three times to do something. I think I have like two actual assignments from him....the rest are just in limbo, or in his backpack, or GOD knows where. He's just wreckless. He's too easily distracted, which I find is his major issue. Ephiphany! I think I'm going to have him move to the front....although I already got one bad kid in the front, I don't know how two will work. If everybody didn't have an issue with EVERYBODY, then I might be able to pull something off. But its like nobody likes anybody....everytime I move someone, I get groans and moans. Sooooooo much drama.

I'm definitely getting used to the idea of being a teacher---the days go by quickly to me. I still dread my 3rd and 7th period, in which i don't think there will be anyway to get around that lol. They'll just always suck. womp womp womp. At one point today, I was standing in a sea of dude (the guy who is having a conference next week) was actually RUNNING in MY class room. Mind you, there's not even enough space to go anywhere. People were talking loud, he was flicking water in some girl's face. I just stood there for a minute, shook my head, and was like "OK! EVERYBODY....SIT.....DOWN!" I mean, the WHOLE class just got shut down. I was the fasciliator of the experiment instead of them doing it, which they were the ONLY class who got shut down. They are ALWAYS the only class to get shut down; my other classes, while they may be noisy, they still managed to get work DONE. Which, hey, I don't mind noise as long as I know the end result is happening. But that 3rd period....nah. They just doing whatever. Playing. I dont know, but I shut it down. I didn't have time. I DON'T have time. lol After I shut it down, things calmed down and it was quiet. Maybe they can't handle not having a teacher in charge....nah, that ain't it. Once again, I think its in my class. I'm going to ask the other teachers how do they manage to do group assignments with this particular class. Then, when I write stuff on the board, they claim they can't see. WOMP WOMP WOMP. I wanna say "man, sit down--YOU CAN SEE" lol But we gon' see...we gon' see. Tomorrow is another day. 7th period is ok (the main culprit has been absent, which, I am beginning to wonder where he is.....) so its just 3rd period that's left on the crazy list.

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