Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We gon' make it though....

LOL, now before you even go there, its just a little joke---you had to be there. Today, I went over some assignments I am going to have them do for the year; a weekly current event (I got that from a middle school teacher I had) and a Science report about a famous scientist. Which, why when I asked them if they had ever heard of Benjamin Banneker they said "NOOOOOO!" smh Anyways, so like I said before, these kids love to just ask questions without even processing what instructions I may have given, or even thinking about what I asked. So the one kid, I could already tell it was gon' be a DUMB question (cuz he had already asked a couple) so I told him to run it through his mind, and really think about it. So he asked it....and as soon as the words left his lips I just looked up in the sky. The rest of the class sighed and moaned as well, everybody KNEW it was a DUMB a** question. LOL So I was like "Aww man, I'm leavin'--I'm leavin' " and I start walking towards the door, while this guy is trying to justify his ridiculous question. Other kids are like "Nooo! Don't leave!" One lil' dude was like "Maaan, I'm comin' wit'chu" LOL So that was the lil' funny of the day. Of course, I calmed the class down and said "the only BS and that was a dumb question. Almost dumber than a girl asking if she could print a report on blue paper...uh, how about NO. I got so many excuses today as to WHY people couldn't turn in current events and reports "I don't get a newspaper" "My printer don't got no ink" "My print don't go no paper" "I looked and I didn't see no science section in the paper" LOLOL I'm have a computer lab, and I have two computers in the back of my class with printers. NONE of those are valid reasons as to WHY you can't turn it in. Excuses, excuses, EXCUSES. That's all I hear, all the time. It's gon' be tough, but I'mma break that bad habit quick.

Ok in terms of discipline...same ol', same ol'. Talking to the same people tellin' 'em the SAME things. One thing I notice is these kids are just sooooooo confrontational. If somebody brushes past them, its got to be an issue. If somebody giggles while you said something, it's an issue. If somebody LOOKS at them for too long, it's an issue. I had to pull one girl to the said, for the SECOND time, to talk to her about her temper and smart mouth. We gon' see if anything happens.

Last thing, so today, the kid's had to take a standardized test. He came in late and sat down in his seat, KNOWING he didn't have an answer sheet---he even put his folder to prevent people from "cheating" So when I found out, and ask him why he didn't say he anything he sat there.....liiiiiiiike, EARTH. lolol Poor guy. We gon' make it though, WE GON' MAKE IT!

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