Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ya'll gon' learn...

I swear I told this to EVERY period I had today, something must've happened last night cuz we had to get BUCK on a regular basis. Why the teacher down the hall got in some boy's face THAT WASN'T EVEN IN HIS CLASS!? He stay talkin' crazy to his kids tho, and its funny cuz he is the NICEST person on our staff probably lol. Well, from my experiences at least. And that's the dude I have a crush on? That was sexy as hail....lol. But anyways, like I said---they were ackin' a stone cold FOOL today! hmmm hmmm hmmm so lemme go thru my classes.

1st period
this is my homeroom period, and actually, they were pretty good. Oh wait, so they came in, and they were talking, then some lil' boy said "ya'll talk to much" WELP, that was it---they had to go back outside and get it right....and (and this was alreayd after they had to go back outside to try agian) when they go back outside, they stand there for like 5 mins. And me, I just walk up and down the line, tellin' them what they did wrong, stuff like that. Got inside the class, it was cool. They got kinda irrate when it came to choosin' a group name, and some girl got called fat. You know I don't tolerate that, so I had pull lil' homie to the side and let her know put downs WILL not be tolerated, and they are necessary. Of course, I had to throw in "the only person allowed to laugh at ANYBODY is ME" but then i was like "but I won't do that, cuz I respect you" SIKE. Nah, I'm just playin', I don't be laughing at them....unless they just do something straight ridiculous, in which I hide my laughter in a question. Then, some lil' girl got MAD when another group snickered at their group name. I was like "uh, uh, apologize" And I got the WHOLE class to apologize. Then just to make it seem like me I was like "And to be honest ALL YA'LLS GROUP NAMES IS FUNNY" and proceeded to sit at my desk and continue assigning group names and seats. One chick said she ain't like working with boys....which I felt bad, cuz she was the only girl. But I have two groups like that, I told she gon' have to work it out and try. She did, so I made sure I gave her props. And for some reason, she always cover her mouth when she talk...I don't quite get that.

2nd period


3rd period

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Boy, ok, LOL, and I'm sittin' here laughing just thinking about it. So, we have very STRICT hallway procedures and rules. Absolutely NO talking, and hands must be by your side. You must be facing forward and there should be a square separating each student. First of all, they walked in my class actin' hella crazy, talking and stuff. So i'm like "hmm, let's take it BACK outside." Why we had to do this three times though???? Did they think the Kid was playing or something??? Not I said the cat.....and of course, there were so many different colorful things I said in the hallway. I can't even describe the tone of voice I use when I talk to them....I sound like a basketball coach or something. I was grabbing the space between my eyes. at one point I said "the only person that should have an attitude is me" and I said "ya'll gon' learn" AT LEAST 3 times. Then, we they did get in the class, they were straight....SIKE. I had to move this chick from her homegirl because they were joking. In fact, at one point, they were in their seats----but I heard some talking, so I made them stand back up and go outside to start over. Oh yea, that's how we get down. So yea, they did their work, that was cool, had a cool lil' discussion, so then its time to go. I comment and look at the clock and say "it's almost 10:50" and one lil' boy is like "huh" and somebody else said "what?" And there was a convo about what time it was......And I"m like..."HOLD UP" "quite frankly, you need to be ashamed you can't read this clock, but just go on' head and get a digital" and I tapped my wrist. Then I said to the lil' boy "It's 10:50 bruh" and that was the end of that. That's a dam shame, but this ain't math, and I ain't got the time to teach people how to read clocks. Talking out of turn? I don't tolerate it. One lil' girl had her hand raised, I was like "you can go on' head and put your hand down cuz I'm not gon' acknoledge it" WHAT? Dam, that was a lil' harsh---but I can't take it back.

4th period

science prep, basically a tutorial class. Two kids. I asked them some science questions and they asked me some random science questions, then commenced to talkin' about who talking to who and I heard "but they didn't hook up or nothing" SIXTH GRADE PEOPLE.

5th period

GT, gifted and talented class. They were pretty straight. No real issues. With this class, their period is cut in half by lunch, so I really have NO INSTRUCTION time. lol I remember some lil' boy in the lunch line was gettin' ready to say something and as I was listenin', it was starting to sound like an EXCUSE, so I just held up my hand and said "save it" I swear I be cuttin' off excuses. So one girl said that I should get them early, I said "that's perfect, and that's what I'm going to do" When I saw her classmates tryna get one her I said "Oh, and don't get on her because I was gonna do that anwyay---I was just looking to see if one of ya'll would come up with it first" So yea, that was the only issue for that class.

6th period

PLANNING, met with my team to go over some house rules and such

7th period

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. THESE LIL' sumama's was actin' IG'NANT!!!!!!!! lololol It was so funny though, I couldn't help but laugh. The one lil' dude--straight up, he remind me of homies I had in middle school. Let's call him Dr. W. Dr. W STAY wit' an excuse on the edge of his lips....."it wadn't even meeee" "aawww what I do" "he hit me" "i ain't say nuttin'!" "why you pickin' on me" And it's like dawg....I CAN SEE YOU! You don't even have the sense to talk when I leave, you talk smack dab in front of my face. So he was my talk while we were outside, and I had to send him to the other homie teacher for some "attitude readjustment" Then, whatever he does, the others think is funny. So the one lil' boy, I was like "young man, what is your name? (which I didn't ask him to remember, just to call him something, cuz I forgot it) Ok, I don't think anything he did was funny, YOU should be looking forward right now" Lil' man looked EXTRA shook LOL. Then, there was something else where I was like "You're last name is NOT brown I do NOT need to hear any commentary from you." This class actually got a chance to sit down in their seats too, but I heard some gigglin' and I made 'em get up. At this point, I was not doing so well to contain my laughter. Straight up hilarious. I mean, I wasn't hee-hawin', but I was definitely chuckling. I was like "shoot, ya'll might as well stand here 'till 7th period" By that time, I was askin' them questions I didn't even want answers to. I was like "Do ya'll like standing out here? DO NOT answer that question" I did at least 3-4 of those. Real talk--they ain't answer it either, and it was funny, cuz you know that face on a kid's face when they gettin' ready to answer a question wit' an excuse? You know it looks when they get cut off? That face is golden. Mr. W had it on his face one time and I just had to laugh. I told 'em they broke the record, they had to do it 4 times. That whole lil' ordeal wasted like 30 MINUTES....but I gotta do it now so into the 3rd week we can use up the 50 mins they give us to learn.

Man, it's a good thing I didn't get observed today--it woulda been a WRAP. My sarcasm was through the roof today. Man I hope I don't get any phone calls from parents...... lol

8th period

They were even more rowdy, and I was rowdy wit' em. This one lil' girl was funny as hail and had me dying. She reminded me of myself. But I just found out I won't have them in 8th period anymore !(but I have them during other times of the day) 8th period was our lil' laid back chill class. That kinda broke my heart when the teacher told me that...dam schedueling mishaps.

Random comments:
"You should be looking forward---if I see your eyes that's a problem" of course, this was in the hallway. I be gettin' on kids I on't even know....and don't let 'em have been in my class earlier. I be like "Dr.____ what's the issue? " I'm going to say MOST of our "plays" take place in the hallway cuz these kids act brand new like that don't know about these rules. At one point, I wanted to say that..."why ya'll actin' brand new?" lol Maybe tomorrow.....

I said something in class and the homie came in and was laughing. I don't know--I think some of them maybe though I mighta been soft, cuz I smile alot and joke during meetings. On the first day, I was like in super teacher mode, and I'm only gettin' more and more into it. So by reading this, I hope you don't think I'm crying and extra mad or sad and doubting my decision to teach. When I tell you today was HILARIOUS....trust, I am NOT kidding. These kids had me dying; it's like "do you enjoy me playing your life??" Dang, this blog was long as hail, but seriously---I wish ya'll could been there. I swear you woulda thought it was like the funniest thing ever.

And DESPITE alllllllllll these plays that I do, kids still be like "heeeeey ms. brown!" when they se me in the hallway and smile when they walk past or say "bye ms. brown" LOL. I LOVE MY KIDS, especially the bad ones :)

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