Monday, August 25, 2008

Fa Real? That's It?

So today was my first official day as a teacher and from jump it was pretty straight. It was funny looking at the brand new shoes....made me think about when I was their age. They all have uniforms so basically you're shoes are you only chance to shine. One kid in my class had a shag, no lie. I'm sorry but I laughed at the hail you got a shag in 2008? But apparently down here, they are making a comeback. Anyways, In the morning, I had a couple of kids who liked to talk...but honestly, I got them before it got way out of hand. As soon as they came in they had work to do---who cares if it was only the first day. This technique proved VERY successful and kept the class busy and occupied, which didn't allow for noise to arise. I also asked them questions that will actually help me with them later on down the line. I had a FULL class too...but that never became an issue. I am taking a note from a professor of mine and I address my students as "Dr.____" They liked this, and the parents did as well. Plus, it saves me from having to pronounce these crazy a** first names their parents so aptly named them. It's like "Do you or don't you want your kids to be successful in life....." I won't go into details about the names cuz I'm NOT trying to be sued. However, if you are a close friend or family member, I'll tell you some the next time we have a phone convo. Anyways, when I went over rules, they listened quietly. And it is great when someone asks a question and a student can give them the feeling in the world. It is also another way to play the life of a I wrong for this? I hope not. I don't even answer, I just like "uuhm, class, did I already answer that question?"

My Gifted and talented class was actually the worst (meaning they get a 8.5 out of 10) One girl had the audacity to burp in my class--I started to play her life but I kept it cool because I didn't want to put her on blast. Little side comments and laughter was a constant. Think I care you commended (that means they scored like 95 on a specific standardize subject test)? You betta sit there and be quiet. Someone will get made an example out of tomorrow....and I already know who. But other than that, they were pretty cool. They get my sense of humor which is great. Me not using sarcasm, yea right....I don't give a dang what the "experts" say. This is actually my most diverse class. Speaking of which, pretty much every class has at least one white person, an asian, a couple latinos, and the rest are negro. Sounds like a sweet gig to me.....

Last period was my science prep class, and they are already my lil' homies. I let that get out of hand, lol my bad. It was like 5 of 'em tho, so I figured "eh, who cares?" Don't trip though, tomorrow we will actually be doing WORK so their won't be any sidebar conversations. We basically just talked about random stuff for 30 mins after I went over the rules and procedures. One girl already said I talk white....which is the first time I've ever gotten that. The other chick said I am very "proper" and I was like "yes, that's how it will be in the class." Not only will I teach science but I will teach etiqute and manners. But these are the kids who need the extra help, and are kids who I can already tell will shut down on someone they don't like, so I established an open environment with them.

My staff is hilarious, and I love them. You know how black folk are.....talkin' crazy in meetings and stuff, it's great. I've already seen some of them get ig'nant wit' kids in the hallway, ON THE FIRST DAY! That is too trill. The male teacher next door got buck with his kids on a regular, pretty much everytime I walked by. I have a crush on him too....definitely don't know why. Sike, I do, it's because he was one of the first people to actually speak to me and give me some pointers lol. This should pass as time goes by. I had to put a couple in check in the hallway---not talking means NOT TALKING. The teacher next to me was kinda overwhelmed so I had to make sure her class was quiet while she was helping a student. They were talking I was like "uh uh, why are you talking? The only voices I should be hearing right now are adults. Face forward and hands to your side." (I be gettin' them lil' suckas in check when it comes to lining up boy!) They did this and that was that, no more talking from them. See, the thing is people think kids are bad and don't know how to act and I'm like "uuuuhh, do you ever reprimand them and tell them what NOT to do?" It's not rocket science folks.

So basically, the first day was NOT as bad as people made it out to seem---I didn't have to be a mean version of myself, I was just myself. Maybe that means I am already a not-so-nice person, who knows.


Anthony said...

Very interesting. Trust I'll be following with my watchful eye from the North Carolina plateau.

I'm more interested in the non- "negro" students, as far as their behaviors and interaction with the "negro" students. Not to mention how the White kids take to their new teacher... who "talks White."

erinelaine said...

LOL good ol' Texas names. Roshiquita, anyone?

Bsquared86 said...

LOL @ already being a "not so nice person anyway." I think it went well because instead of getting buck with your kids and making them afraid of you, you got their respect because you respect them (like the whole "Dr. ___" thing). But, you also let it be known that if they come with the shenanigans then you will respond accordingly. Anyway, you already know that I'm about to be all up and through this blog on a regular basis. This was a good idea, I actuallys tarted a blog too for "grad school prep" but I fell off after the first post . . . maybe I'll start again . . eh, maybe.