Sunday, October 5, 2008

Where's the Rest?

So, this weekend pretty much ALL I did was grade the composition notebooks for my classes......yes, all OF THEM. Well, my GT class, I didn't even really need to grade because I know they are on point. So they got perfects for all of their labs. Now the other classes, I had to go through, and boy, I was not happy with some of what I saw. For one, a lot of people don't FINISH the labs, which is an issue. I can see that with certain class periods, I'll have to give more time because they don't have great time management skills. Some of my class periods, I can say "Ok you guys, you don't have much time--you need to get to work" and that is exactly what they do. Other classes, I can say that, but it just goes in one hear and out the other. When we do labs, I expect them to at least have their analysis section, and starting their conclusions. For one class, why some people don't even have their procedures and materials listed?? It's like "dam...what are ya'll DOING!?" I hate to spoon feed my students, because that is just enabling them, but something has GOT to give because they aren't working to their full potential, and if they would just get over the fact that I am NOT going to spoon feed them, they could actually do work. For one class, I have only two A and Bs and dam near the whole class got a C, and 4 people are failing. That is by far my worst class. That is my class with the biggest discipline issues as well, and I have no doubt in my mind that is a direct reflection of those issues.

Classroom management is serious business, and it can make or break you with a class. On wednesday, I will try this concept where you separate the class into groups and give each group a different topic or work project. This is what we call "flexible grouping" I've been scared of this because kids are in a sense supposed to "monitor" themselves while I, the teacher, work with the group of kids are lower level. Pray for me ya'll that this works, I am trying this on wednesday. I know with one class it will be a big stretch, and I have the idea of penalizing groups' grades everytime I have to verbally tell them to get back on task. WE SHALL SEEEEEEEEEE


Bsquared86 said...

Don't give up on your non-GT kids! I just know that there are some diamonds in the rough in one of those classes that isn't getting their work done b/c of their environment. You know how the story goes. Of course there are going to be a few kids that just ain't got it-- but, hey, you win some, you lose some.

I like the flexible grouping idea, even though I personally hate working in groups, it may help focus everybody. But, make sure that the "lower group" doesn't know that they're lower-- nobody wants to be in the "dumb" group, you know?


Ms. Brown said...

in terms of the lower group knowing their's so funny. Today, I pulled the lower groups and I had like two or three other kids like "Ms. Brown, I need to be wit' YOU" lol I don't even think they care...or know "lower" and "higher" they just know they need one on one and ain't ashamed to admit it.