Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I be tryna not to yell ya'll--on me. Today, I told myself whenever I felt myself getting ready to yell, I just say to myself "calm down, and ask nicely" I'd say about 40% of the time I actually did this. After two times of "quiet" I'd eventually have to go to the front of the class room and get loud. We gon' try it again though, and this time I'mma push for 50% of the time. Which, I think ya'll pretty much get this, but with some of my classes this works. With others---eeeehhhh, notsamuch! However, whenver I do this (yell, that is), I ALWAYS make a point to apologize to the people doing right and if I know specifically who it is, I thank them with things like "thank you ___ for working quietly" or "good job group over here doing what I need for you to do." But yea......some days and some classes vary. Like today, the problem period (as always) was 3rd; and its usually just a couple of rotten apples. But when you got a rotten on at EVERY table, yikes. One lil' boy in particular, who I don't know, no disrespect, but I think somebody is bigging him up at the crib and he must have a power position at the house. I swear when somebody asks ME a question, he takes it upon himself to answer, and I'm like "wait a minute, so and so was asking me" He's the kid that when I pose something or say something to the class, he got to be the only one to actually respond back, and I'm like "I'm not talking to you" and he just be lookin' all dazed and confused like that is impossible....how could someone NOT be talking to him!? I'll have to look on his file to see if he is an only child or something, cuz he seriously does this A LOT, and it ain't just in my class--he talks in EVERYONE'S class. Big mama or something gassin' that lil' boy's head up something SERIOUS, cuz he swears up and down he is just the s***. You could tell. Now, I mean, I want my kids to feel confident in their abilities and whatnot, but to a realistic degree. I kow ya'll probably can understand what I am saying, there is absolutely NO humility to this dude's game right now, NONE. And its like, look--if you was that bad, you'd be in GT, or we would have nominated you for GT, and we DIDN'T. GT just ain't about smarts---it's about discipline and behavior; it's a 3-fold game. Wit' my GT, I can let them talk, because I know if I just stand there at the door they'll understand that its time to be quiet. Other classes, if I let them talk its like an out of control train, LOL. It's actually funny. If the room is dead quiet, and I mess around and ask a question? Oh lawd. It's like I said "OK EVERYBODY..............TTTTTAAAAAAALLLLLLKKKKKKKK!" They get the asking and telling me stuff and it's like "uhm, all I said was who don't understand" LOL. I kinda chuckle to myself about it, but uhm yea---back to OL' BOY. Now, when I can, I usually let him take the leadership role in group work, but like you said B, er'body don't wanna be on that group tip, and independent SILENT work needs to happen sometimes. He can't get that. And he swear up and down he is just so smart, so sometimes I give him more challenging work, and he can't even rise to the occasion. Now, there's about 3-4 or four other kids in that class that I KNOW are too bright for the level that most of the other kids are on, and I usually give them a more challenging worksheet (when we do them, which is about once a week) and he be like the only one who didn't finish. And it's like "oh my bad, I thought you wanted to be challenged?" Instead of doin' the work, he still in everybody else desk and face looking at what they're doing. And in terms of callin' the mama.....that ain't do NOTHING. Not a dam thang, cuz nothing changed. Perhaps mama is all talk, or she don't know how to give a proper beating, I don't know, but I swear it's like I never even called. And what's funny is I called, and the homie down the hall called---IN THE SAME WEEK. What happened to the day when people was actually SCARED of getting calls home? Scared of gettin' beat or yelled at about how you actin' up in school!? I mean dang, you can't even be good a full week!? This dude was good like...uhm, NEVER. The next day he was back to the same ol' same ol'. Po thang. His mouth is gon' get him in trouble....he can say something to the wrong person and get GOT. He is smart though, I will give him that, he just need to focus more on his work, and he would focus more if he didn't think he was so dam smart. Smh. Now mind ya'll I don't be saying the boy is dumb or not as smart as he thinks he is to his face, lol, what kinda teacher do you take me for? However, it is something that I have DEFINITELY picked up on, and its hindering his success more than hurting him. Anytime you thinking corn oil is more dense than air---you need to reevaluate ya life, fam. And gon' try and actually DEFEND that ridiculousness of an answer...I mean even the content mastery (kids are a little off grade level, but not as low as special ed) kids figured that out. But i'mm work wit' him ya'll...it's like at this point, I'mma have to break you down so I can build you up properly. But I will build him back up, I ain't just gon' leave him broken---I PUT THAT ON THE HOOD CUZ!!!!

Randomness, but why one my lil' girls keep quoting that dam "i am martian" (and why did I totally FORGET who to spell "martian" and had to look that ish up in google lol) Anyways, the one girl keeps saying that mess to me. Muhf***in' lil' wayne is destroying our youth ya'll. She anotha one that's light-weight gone....po' thang.


Bsquared86 said...

yay, i got a shout out!

there is always one lil smart ass in every class, i swear. ok,ok . . . so maybe that kid was a me a couple of times, lol. only difference was i talked stuff but still murked all of my work. this makes me want to call my old high school bio teacher and apologize.

anyway, tell ol' boy "just do YOU!" and leave the teaching to the teachers, lol. maybe you need to seperate him, like . . . put him off up in the corner by himself. he seems like the kind of student that excels when isolated. or, give him a duty or individual goal. he seems like the kind of kid that wants to feel special. use that to your advantage.

as for the "martian" girl . . . lol. classic middle school behavior.

Ms. Brown said...

you what--he wouldn't thrive isolated, cuz he'd turn around and look to see what everybody else is doing. And another thing, my room honestly ain't that big to have him isolated so that's a no-go. I'll see how this grouping works on Tuesday

and B, you KNOW I was the kind of kid that stayed talking, but like you said, I did good work. The one lil' boy talks up a storm in my class, but also has one of the few A's---if you can talk AND do work, I am not going to fault you.